Features for Cognatio 1.4

FeatureLight EditionStandard Edition
Each database stored in a single file
Extract parts of a database into a new database
Example databases
Data entry
MDI interface, can display several pieces of information at once, for example several persons or sources.
Can enter all the basic personal data
Unlimited events per person
Support contradictory information
Support several calendars
Advanced name structures
Advanced place structures
Data selection
Global source list (both flat and hierarchic)
Global repository list
Global name list
Global place list (both flat and hierarchic)
Global attachment list
Global research objective list
Source data
Can add sources and repositories
Support source hierarchies
Other data
Research data
Add new event or attribute types
Import GEDCOM 4.0
Import GEDCOM 5.5
Import GEDCOM 5.5.1
Import GenXML 2.0
Export GEDCOM 4.0
Export GEDCOM 5.5
Export GEDCOM 5.5.1
Export Gedcom 6,0 (XML)
Export GedML
Export GenXML 2.0
Export csv
Generate web-pages of your database
Several reports
Text-based reports can be saved as enhanced metafile, Windows metafile, rich text-format, HTML, LaTeX or text
Graphical reports can be saved as enhanced metafile, Windows metafile or rich text-format
Programming environment (IDE) with debugging capabilities for creating new report types, using the built in macro language CBasic
Existing report types can be used as a basis for creating new ones
Additional functionality
Multilanguage version - English and Norwegian included - can be easily translated into other languages
Merge persons, sources or repositories
Date calculator
Soundex calculator
Copyright (C) 2006 Christoffer Owe