Upgrade from an Earlier Version

Different versions of Cognatio can be installed on the same computer. The upgrade procedure is therefore very simple:

  1. Download the new version of Cognatio.
  2. Run the downloaded file. This will install the new version on your computer.
  3. If you have already bought a license, you don't need to buy a new one:
    1. Retrieve your license name and license key either from the email you got immediately after buying the license, or open your old version of Cognatio and select Help / License. The license name and key are displayed in the popup window.
    2. Open the new version of Cognatio and select Help / License. Insert your license name and key and press OK. You have now unlocked the Standard Edition.
  4. If you have added names to the given name list and want to keep this in the new version:
    1. Copy the file named Cognatio.ndb from the folder of the old version of Cognatio (usually "C:\Program Files\Cognatio x.y.z") to the folder of the new version.
  5. You may now uninstall the old version.