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SimpleDB 2.3 - published 11.07.2006

  • New function: sdbGetMemoryUsage. Returns the memory usage in kB.
  • New function: sdbSetMemory. Sets the maximum amount of memory to be used for a database.
  • New function: sdbAddIndex. Creates an index for a column in an existing table.
  • New function: sdbRemoveIndex. Deletes an index.
  • Fix: If using the TableID of a deleted table, you now get the error SDB_ERROR_ILLEGALTABLE.
  • Fix: In some cases an index could become corrupted. If you have a database with a corrupted index, please use the new functions for removing the index and then add it again. The Database Viewer may also be used.

SimpleDB 2.2 - published 23.11.2005

  • New functions: sdbGetVersion and sdbDeleteTable.
  • Fix: Indexes were not correctly updated when records were create or updated with sdbSetField.
  • Note that databases created with version 2.2 can't be opened by older versions of SimpleDB.

SimpleDB 2.1 - published 14.08.2005

  • The sdbGetLastError was missing from the header file.
  • The database viewer wouldn't run unless SimpleDB.dll was renamed cdbase.dll.
  • The source code of the database viewer is now included.

SimpleDB 2.0.0 - published 10.05.2005

  • Several fixes related to indexing.
  • New datatypes: float, double, text and data.
  • Several new function to access a single field.

Cognitio Database 1.0.1 - published 23.02.2004

  • Fixed a problem with the cdbDeleteRecord function.

Cognitio Database 1.0 - published 05.02.2004

  • First published version.
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