SimpleDB 2.3

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What is SimpleDB?

SimpleDB is a simple database engine for standalone applications that doesn't need very advanced functionality. Instead of an expensive and monolithic database engine, you get a small, fast database engine in just 80K! SimpleDB uses a simple API, primarily designed for C/C++ programmers.


  • Run on Windows 95/NT4 or newer.
  • Simple API for C/C++.
  • Consists of only an 80K dll!
  • All tables are stored in a single database file.
  • Maximum size of the database file is 2Gb.
  • May hold up to 128 tables.
  • Up to 32 columns per table.
  • Supports indexing of any column.
  • Supports 1- to 8-byte integer datatypes.
  • Columns may be defined as an array of one of the existing datatypes.
  • Utility for viewing the database file is included.


SimpleDB is free for both non-commercial and commercial use.

What Has Changed?

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